Black Pomegranate Candle

What does black pomegranate smell like?

The Pomegranate.  Often talked about as a mysterious fruit, but is more widely known for its unique look, wonderful scent and nutritious properties, which makes them a superfood, packed with vitamins.  But have you ever wondered what it smells like when put into a memorable scent for your home?

Pomegranate is just one of the ingredients used in our Twinings Home Fragrance Black Pomegranate scent.  As a Twinings Home Fragrance best-seller, Black Pomegranate uses a blend of Plum, Pomegranate & Rose, with heart notes of Patchouli, Cedar & Violet, anchored by base notes of Musk, Amber, Vanilla & Leather.

Sounds amazing right?

Black Pomegranate Candle

The Pomegranate in this fragrance brings a light, fruity note to the scent overall, but that’s not all.  Not only does the pomegranate work wonderfully blended with the other ingredients, but Black Pomegranate offers health properties.   Patchouli is known for properties that help you sleep, as is Rose.  Rose also helps to relieve stress and brings a calming property.  The perfect combination!

The Plum brings a sweet tone to Black Pomegranate, which gives this scent a deep long-lasting fragrance and a touch of luxury.  The classic Cedar & Violet combination also helps to give Black Pomegranate a hearty fresh flavour, which brings this wonderful scent to life. 

It’s one of our favourites here at Twinings Home Fragrance so we thought we would share some different ideas as to how you can enjoy and make the most out of this amazingly luxurious scent that is Black Pomegranate.


Black Pomegranate Wax Melts - Fast flavours into the home

If you have never tried wax melts, then we would recommend using these with the Black Pomegranate fragrance.  Wax melts are an instant way to get the scent released all over your home - delicious.

A wax warmer is relatively inexpensive, take a look at our range here… they are a great safe option as there is no open flame, once you’ve added your wax melt you will find that they melt efficiently, and the added bonus is there is no open flame.

When you’re ready for a new scent this is a great tip for changing the wax. Turn your warmer on and make sure your wax is a liquid, take two cotton balls and place them in your warmer, allow the cotton balls to absorb the liquid. Place those cotton balls in the bin and give the wax warmer a wipe. You’re then good to go with your new wax melt.


Black Pomegranate Candle

Going away from home for one night or a weekend?  Sleeping in a different room, or in a bed that isn’t yours can feel a bit unusual and unsettling.  The Black Pomegranate candle tin is perfect for popping in an overnight bag so you can bring a bit of home with you when you go away – it doesn’t take up much room either.


Black Pomegranate Candle – Single wick / Three wick

Black Pomegranate remains one of our most popular fragrances. Our single wick candles are great as gifts or as a treat for yourself. The approximate burn time on these is around 45 hours so great value for money. If you can’t get enough on the smell, then you’ll want our three wick candle in your home. Hours of luxury at an affordable price.

Black Pomegranate Diffuser

Black Pomegranate Diffuser

Black Pomegranate has a long-lasting rich scent and by using the reed diffuser to spread the scent around your home, you’ll get a great long-lasting fragrance in your home in no time.  A reed diffuser does not require any kind of flame to work, therefore there is no fear of any wax deposits, and you also don’t need any power to make this product work. You can use in any room of the house, and they look great too.

Black Pomegranate is amazing and can be used anywhere in the home, from the kitchen to the bedroom, and not just the home, it can be taken with you when you travel and stay away from home.  It really is a beautiful scent, but don’t take our word for it, to find out more about our Black Pomegranate fragrance, check out our product range.  If you want to discuss scents in your home, get in touch with our team – we love talking fragrance!


Black Pomegranate Reviews

“My wax melts order arrived quickly and as always came beautifully packaged. They smell amazing. Excellent quality with a real lasting fragrance. Black pomegranate is my favourite fragrance.”

“Gorgeous Black Pomegranate candle.

Gorgeous scent and burning well Would really recommend this lovely candle for anyone’s home!”

“Black Pomegranate candle.

Absolutely love the fragrance from this candle. It's great to be able to support a local business, whilst filling our home with such a beautiful scent. Have already placed another order!!”

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