Clean Cotton Candles

The scent of summer.

 Clean Cotton Candle

The smell of fresh laundry blowing in the summer breeze is what this scent greets you with.  One of our most popular scents at Twinings Home Fragrance. Whatever the weather outside, our Clean Cotton collection brings the outside in. 


A beautifully fresh and clean fragrance, our Clean Cotton scent has a mix of wonderful refreshing notes, which combined, creates this popular scent. 


With notes of fresh sun-kissed oranges and zingy eucalyptus. The orange is uplifting and cheerful but not just that, it is also relaxing and calming. Did you know, orange can also stimulate and strengthen the immune system as it eliminates airborne bacteria. We all know the benefits of Eucalyptus for coughs and colds, but it doesn’t stop there. Eucalyptus is a calming scent which brings a sense of relaxation, but as with the orange, it can also offer antibacterial properties.


The heart notes include sea kelp, jasmine petals and delicate mimosa. Jasmine is a popular fragrance which is known to alleviate stress and anxiety, helping you to unwind.  It’s also known for its aphrodisiac properties! Mimosa is a beautifully sweet floral scent.  It is a relaxing and warming fragrance and like some of the other scents is good for anxiety and stress. 


All these beautiful notes combine to create this crisp, fresh and clean scent for your home.  You can release the wonderful Twinings Home Fragrance scent of Clean Cotton throughout your home in a variety of different ways, including:


Clean Cotton Wax Melts

Clean Cotton Candles, including candle tin, single wick and three wick candles

Clean Cotton Reed Diffusers


All have their own different uses, and all bring this fabulous fragrance to the whole of your home, but which do you love to use?  If you are struggling to decide the best way to share the scent around your home, we have a few tips for you.


Clean Cotton Wax Melts

Wax melts can be used as an alternative to candles, and they are slightly more cost effective too.  However, you need to make sure you have a wax warmer available to warm them.  Here at Twinings Home Fragrance we offer a selection of wax warmers to get you started with using wax melts in your home.  Wax melts can hold more fragrance than candles, so whilst they are smaller, they will still give you the same level of fragrance round your home.  Using an electric wax burner also offers a level of safety as this doesn’t require a naked flame.  Wax melts give around 10 hours of fragrance per melt so with six wax melts in a pack you can enjoy around 60 hours of fragrance. Just don’t forget to switch your electric wax warmer off at night.


Clean Cotton Candles

Candles have multiple benefits and burning them in your home is not just about the fragrance they bring. Having a candle burning, particularly in the evening, can create an ambience around the home.  Not only because of the gentle, flickering light it gives off, but also with the scent that fills the room as it burns.  Candles also have many other properties.  They are calming, but also stimulating – depending on the scent you are using.  The right scented candle can also aid with concentration, and for those that need a bit of relaxation or help with sleeping, lighting a candle in the bath or before bedtime can help to do just that.


Our candles offer a variety of burn times, depending on the size and number of wicks they have.  The more wicks, the larger the candle.  Our largest candle is a three-wick candle, so you can enjoy the clean, fresh smell of Clean Cotton in your home for hours!


Clean Cotton Reed Diffuser

The reed diffuser can bring a long lasting, constant scent into your home as it’s not lit or plugged in.  The reeds sit in the fragrance and gently over time releases the scent into the air.  Reed diffusers are longer lasting than candles and wax melts and because of this they scent your home more gently over time.  Because of the size and the fact that it doesn’t have a naked flame or need a plug, the reed diffuser can be placed anywhere in the home – just as long as it’s not in a position where someone can accidently knock it over.  Reed diffusers are a great source of fragrance in the home and require little effort.  So, you can enjoy the scent of Clean Cotton all day every day, without even having to think about switching it on or lighting it up. 


Candle Subscription Service

If you love to experience the power of scent in your home and want to experience all our scents here at Twinings Home Fragrance, you may want to consider our subscription service.  We offer two types of subscriptions, monthly and annual.  Whether you are a fan of wax melts, candles, reed diffusers, or a selection of all three, you can sign up to receive a different scent each time, so you get to experience and decide for yourself which is your favourite.


For more information on Clean Cotton, check out the website page which shows all the products we have in this range.  If you are still undecided as to which fragrance is the one for you, then get in touch with the team here at Twinings Home Fragrance.  We love talking about our scents and can help you to choose the one that is best suited to your needs.