Fairy Dust Candles

Sprinkle some fairy dust into your home


Fairy Dust Candles - Fairy Dust 3 Wick Candle

It’s no coincidence that we call this magical range Fairy Dust.


Fairy dust is said to have magical properties and we have captured this in our beautifully romantic range of home fragrances.  A stunning and romantic rose oil blend, which brings with it a soft floral fragrance, full of magic and mystery.


The rose scent is a magical one and full of properties which can bring you a sense of health and wellness.  The sweet, floral rose scent brings a calming effect on the senses.  It can help to relieve stress, fight anxiety, and relaxes your body and mind. 


This regenerating, soothing and comforting scent is said to help fight depression, reduce headaches and not just that, it can even provide relief and comfort.


Bring the scent of the outside in as you take yourself into a rose garden and enjoy the fresh, fragrant scent of fresh flowers in your home. 


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Fairy Dust Candles


Fairy Dust Candle - Fairy Dust Candle Tin

Run a bath, light a candle and soak in calmness of the Fairy Dust floral scent. 


Our Fairy Dust candle collection comes in three different sizes:

  • Candle tin – at 100g this candle gives approx. 20 hours of burn time. It’s the perfect portable scent that you can take almost anywhere.  So, when you need it most you can light it and enjoy this stunning fragrance.
  • Single wick candle jar – this is slightly larger than the tin at 220g and has an approx. burn time of 45 hours. Still a good portable scent.  This comes in a decorative glass jar and looks lovely burning in a living area as well as on the side of the bath.
  • Three wick candle – this is the largest of our candles at 425g. These work wonders in the home, especially larger rooms where you want the scent to fill every space.


Fairy Dust Wax Melts

Fairy Dust Candles - Fairy Dust Wax Melts

Wax melts are a fabulous alternative to scented candles.  You can bring the same floral scent into your home by using our Fairy Dust wax melts.


If you prefer to use melts over candles, all you need to get started is a wax warmer, this could either be a plug in wax warmer or one that uses a tealight. 


Fairy Dust Reed Diffuser


Fairy Dust Candle - Fairy Dust Reed Diffuser

If you want to make the magic of Fairy Dust last without having to worry about blowing out candles and turning off wax warmers, then reed diffusers are for you. 


Reed diffusers are the best for lasting fragrance in your home.  Place them in your hallway for an immediate scent as you walk through the door or pop them in your living area or your bedroom to ensure the scent is with you in the place where you relax.   Fairy Dust is a great fragrance for relaxation and calmness so why wouldn’t you want this scent in your home every hour of every day. 


Long lasting, high quality floral fragrance that looks amazing in any home.

Not only does the Twinings Home Fragrance Fairy Dust collection smell beautiful, each one of our products come in their very own exclusive packaging which suit any home.  So not only do they smell delicious, but they also add a touch of finesse.


Fairy Dust is a very special scent to us here at Twinings Home Fragrance.  To find out more about our Fairy Dust fragrance why not check out the Fairy Dust product range.  Here you can look at what we have available in this scent, and you can place your order – whether it’s for you or a gift. 


Want to keep that scent in your home for a little longer and save some money along the way?  We now offer a subscription service which means you can have beautiful scents in your home always.  Or treat someone to the beauty of wonderful scents from us.  Sign up to the subscription service and you will receive a luxury gift set, delivered directly to your home, every 30 days for a whole year!  Find out more about our subscription service.


If you want to discuss scents in your home, get in touch with our team.  You know we love talking about our fragrances and sharing our ideas for how you can bring scent into your home!