How to achieve the perfect balance of fragrance for your home

There are certain fragrances that work well in the home.  Whether you are trying to create a particular atmosphere in your home through your chosen scent, or you are looking for a particular health benefit, fragrance is a very personal choice.  That is why, when we are testing new fragrances at Twinings Home Fragrance, we take this into account.  Even we have very different views as our personal tastes are very different.  We therefore focus on what our customers want by asking for constant feedback and look for trends in fragrances as well as what will work well during a particular season.

My first question to a client would always be 'what is it you are trying to achieve when bringing in a fragrance to your home?'

It might be a welcoming scent to greet guests, or perhaps you love to cook, and you are looking to find a product to neutralise food odours.  Maybe you simply want a scent to help you relax on an evening, or to help you enjoy a candlelit bath.  Perhaps you have a pet, and you wish to neutralise associated odours.

My point is that every person is different, we are all trying to achieve different things.  Understanding your need for fragrance in the first place will really help in selecting not only the perfect fragrance, but also the right product types for you.  To help you with this, I have put together some tips for you to consider when deciding how to scent your home.


How to fragrance your home?

Create a warm welcome to your home with the right scent
Through creating a warm and inviting scent, your home will automatically feel inviting, relaxing, not to mention memorable.  It’s not just of benefit to those who come to your home, it’s also beneficial for you.  The right scent has been proven to reduce stress, helping you to unwind from a busy day as soon as you walk through the door.

Neutralise food odours
Scent can be wonderful for neutralising food odours and quickly.  Sometimes the smell of cooking, no matter how nice, can travel round the home and linger when you don’t want it to.  Our range of Lemongrass & Ginger scented products work wonders on those food odours, and they smell delish too.

Eliminating pet odours
We all love our pets, but we don’t always love the smell they leave behind.  Sometimes we get used to the smell and don’t notice it as much ourselves, but house guests might!  Our Cedar & Jasmine scent is strong enough to really help to neutralise those pet smells.

A house that is fresh and clean
The smell of clean, fresh laundry is a wonderful scent.  Our Clean Cotton and Lime Cooler scents can help to replicate this fantastic scent around your home.  Both fragrances are beautiful and can help to create that fresh and clean feeling which will be guaranteed to last longer than laundry day.    

Sophisticated home scents
If it’s a luxurious feel you want in your home, Black Pomegranate or Lime Basil Mandarin can create elegant, rich, deep scents which ooze sophistication.  Great scents for dinner parties or cosy evenings in.

Relax, it’s bath time
Bath time can be the perfect time to unwind and relax, even more so if you are surrounded with a stunning scent.  Our Fairy Dust scent range is just that.  With its soft floral fragrance, it’s the perfect complement to a relaxing soak in the bath. 

Scent for romance
If you are planning a romantic evening in, a fragrance can make all the difference and help to create the perfect ambience.  The sweet scent of Sweet Fig can give your home a beautifully fresh and welcoming fragrance.

The fragrance for celebration
Think of celebrations and you think of sparkling champagne.  Whether you are celebrating or want to give the gift of scent to someone else, our Pink Fizz & Pomelo fragrance is the perfect uplifting fragrance.  With the champagne blend and citrus fruits, this fragrance will always create an uplifting feel – perfect for any celebration. 

You’ve got the scents; how do you bring them into the home?

We are often asked about which product types are right for your home and what it best to use and in which room.  Just like fragrances, what you use is individual to each home.  If you have children or pets you may wish to steer clear of candles to prevent fire risk, a wax warmer would be a perfect alternative.  Where possible and safe to do so, my top tip would be to always have either a candle or wax warmer in your hallway.  This creates a gorgeous aroma to welcome guests.  Having something in the hallway will enable the scent to travel through your home, keeping the whole of your home fresh and smelling wonderful.

If your kitchen is the heart of your home, this can also be the perfect place for you to enjoy your fragrance choice, either with a candle or wax warmer.

When using any home fragrance products of any kind, including 100% natural ones, you should always make sure you have good ventilation.

To help you to relax in the evening, the flicker of candlelight or perhaps a breathing light on one of our beautiful Made By Zen aroma diffusers with your choice of specialist oil blend, would be the perfect way to do this.

Whether you like to mix fragrances around your home or prefer to keep it simple with one fragrance, to achieve the perfect balance you really need to use a mixture of product types.  In our home we like to keep it simple with one fragrance at a time, we are currently using Black Pomegranate and we love it! 


Fragrance for your home - In the hallway

This is a really important area of the house as it’s the first place you, your family and visitors come in to.   For the hallway, I would recommend using our Three Wick Candles.  These can burn for as long as you want them to, all day if you like.  Especially nice if you are expecting visitors as a wonderful scent will provide a warm welcome and drift upstairs to keep the house fresh.


Fragrance for your home - Downstairs Cloakroom

If you want a continuous scent in your cloakroom – especially important to neutralise any odours from footwear – a Reed Diffuser is the perfect product in this kind of space.  Just don’t forget to turn the diffuser sticks regularly to make sure the scent flows through the room.


Fragrance for your home – Kitchen

The Single Wick Candle Jar is perfect for the kitchen.  Light it up in the evening when you are cooking to ensure any kitchen smells are neutralised.


Fragrance for your home - Living Room

If you are relaxing in the living room, then a Single Wick Candle Jar is perfect.  We always light one at a weekend when we get to relax.

Fragrance for your home - Living Room

Fragrance for your home – Bathroom

Smaller candles are perfect for bath time rituals as they don’t burn for as long.  I always have a basket of our small candle tins stashed in the cupboard for when I get chance to take a long, relaxing soak in the bath.  I would recommend that you light your chosen candle fragrance a good 10-15 minutes before you get in to allow the fragrance to fill the room.


Fragrance for your home - Dressing Room

Just like the cloakroom, a reed diffuser is the perfect scented product for any dressing room.  Reed diffusers release the scent over time, and they really last as well.


Fragrance for your home – Office

We’ve all been spending a lot more time in our home offices recently.  A scent can make all the difference for energising and concentration.  The perfect product in the office is a reed diffuser to give a long-lasting scent.


Fragrance for your home – Bedroom

The Aroma Diffuser with breathing light, is a must for any bedroom.  I love to use Lavender oil in ours, especially good to help with relaxation and sleep.  I put it on half an hour before we go to bed to help get a good night’s rest.


Whether you are new to adding fragrance to your home, want a change in scent or want your fragrance for a particular purpose, there is no right or wrong way to fragrance your home.  Ask yourself what it is that you want and if you'd like some help or advice, why not get in touch!  We love talking about scents and can recommend the best fragrance for your needs.

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