How to achieve the perfect balance of fragrance in your home

Fragrance is personal to each and every one of us, no two people are the same. Even when we are testing new fragrances at Twinings Home Fragrance, we often disagree as our personal tastes are very different.  We focus on what our customers want so we ask for constant feedback and look for trends in fragrances as well as seasonality.

So I suppose my first question to a client would always be 'what is it you are trying to achieve when fragrancing your home?'

Maybe you wish to create a welcoming scent to greet guests.  Or perhaps you love to cook and you are looking to find a product to neutralise food odours? Maybe you simply want a scent to help you relax on an evening?  To enjoy a candlelit bath maybe? Perhaps you have a pet who's scent dominates your home and you wish to neutralise pet odours?

My point is that every person is different, we are all trying to achieve different things.  Understanding your need for fragrance in the first place will really help in selecting not only the perfect fragrance, but also the right product types for you.

Here are my top tips on scents for particular needs:

Create a welcoming homely scent? Warm Welcome

Neutralise food odours? Lemongrass & Ginger

Pet odours? Cedar & Jasmine

Fresh & Clean? Clean Cotton or Lime Cooler

Sophisticated home scents? Black Pomegranate or Lime Basil Mandarin

Bath time treat? Fairy Dust

Romance? Sweet Fig

Celebration or gift giving? Pink Fizz & Pomelo

We are often asked about which product types are right for your home and what do you use where?  Well again this is individual to each home.  If you have children or pets you may wish to steer clear of candles to prevent fire risk, a wax warmer or aroma diffuser would be perfect for you. If however, you don't have any restrictions, my top tips would be to always have either a candle or wax warmer in your hallway.  This creates a gorgeous aroma to welcome guests but if you have a staircase in this area too, it will also travel through your home and up the stairs. Keeping your home really fresh.

If your kitchen is the heart of your home it can be the perfect place for you to enjoy your fragrance choice, either with a candle or wax warmer.

If you wish to enjoy a nice soak in the bath, I would recommend that you light your chosen candle fragrance a good 10-15 minutes before you get in to allow the fragrance to fill the room.

To relax in the evening you may enjoy the flicker of candlelight or perhaps a breathing light on one of our beautiful Made By Zen aroma diffusers with your choice of specialist oil blend.

Whether you like to mix fragrances around your home or keep it simple with one fragrance, to achieve the perfect balance you really need to use a mixture of product types.  I will use our home as an example, we like to keep it simple with one fragrance at a time, I love Black Pomegranate so that's what we are using right now:

Hallway - 3 Wick Candle (on most of the day to welcome guests and drift upstairs to keep the house fresh)

Downstairs Cloakroom - Reed Diffuser

Kitchen - Single Wick Candle Jar we light in the evening when cooking.

Living Room - Single wick candle jar we light at a weekend when we get to relax.

Bathroom - I always have a basket of our small candle tins stashed in the cupboard for the rare occasion I get to enjoy a bath.

Dressing Room - Reed diffuser

Office - Reed Diffuser

Bedroom - Aroma Diffuser with breathing light, I love to use Lavender oil to help us sleep.  I put it on half an hour before we go to bed to help get a good nights rest.

Kids rooms - Now this is still an area I am working on, we have two boys so to come up with a safe solution to keep them smelling fresh all day long would be wonderful!  For now, they both have aroma diffusers with breathing lights to help them relax, I use our specialist children's oil blends to ensure they are safe for them to use. These are great when the kids have colds too as it can really help with their breathing.

There is no right or wrong way to fragrance your home.  Ask yourself what it is that you want and if you'd like some help or advice, just let us know!

When using any home fragrance products of any kind, including 100% natural ones, you should always make sure you have good ventilation.

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