Lime Basil & Mandarin

This beautifully sophisticated fragrance is a special one for us here at Twinings Home Fragrance.  As our description of this fragrance says, if we had to choose one scent from our range, this would be it.  The scent is sublime, top notes of Sicilian lime, and zesty bergamot blended with the juicy burst of ripe mandarins, aquatic white florals, peppery basil, and caraway seeds. We love it and pretty sure you will too.


With the zingy citrus fruits, blended with fresh bright basil, the king of the herbs.  This fragrance optimises the refreshing smell of summertime. 

 Lime Basil & Mandarin

The citrus scents of Mandarin and Lime work so well with the Basil.  Mandarin is the fresh smell of summer, with the colour as bright as it’s scent.  The Lime, sour yet sweet, and sublimely refreshing.  When we think of Basil, we think fresh, summer dishes.  Basil is a herb that lifts the tastebuds as well as the senses and when blended with the citrus flavours, it really is the perfect mix. 


We have described the scent, but what about the benefits of this wonderful home fragrance?


What candles are good for stress?

Like other citrus fruits, such as orange and lemon, lime has an uplifting quality and can invigorate and energise. Not only that, but lime can also help to alleviate stress, helping with mental clarity as well as encouraging creativity.  It’s a great fragrance to have on whilst you are working at home as it can really give you the get up and go! 


Why Lime and Basil?  Lime mixes well with several spices and basil is the perfect one for this scent.


Basil has many benefits, yet another reason why we love this scent.  Like Lime, some of the benefits of basil include its ability to energise and uplift, but also to calm and soothe.  Basil itself is a sweet-smelling herb, more known for its flavour in cooking but it’s a special scent as well, with its delicious aromatic fragrance. 


Last but by no means least, is the Mandarin.  Mandarin could be described as quite an intense scent, but it is beautiful.  It’s got an intense smell but is beautifully sweet and fruity as you would imagine it to be.   Mandarin is another uplifting scent and blends perfectly with the Lime.  As with the Lime and the Basil, Mandarin has a soothing quality and can help to calm. 


Lime Basil and Mandarin Candle

The perfect scent needs the perfect product, but how do you choose between lighting a candle, investing in a wax warmer or sharing the scent through reed diffusers?


Choosing the right product really depends on what you are looking for in your home and each product we sell here at Twinings Home Fragrance really does offer its own benefits.


Burning a scented candle in your home has many benefits, the most obvious of which is the ambience that they create.  Whether it’s for a cosy night in, a romantic evening for two, or a relaxing soak in the bath, lighting a scented candle can add to the atmosphere in your home. 


But what about when they are not alight?  They can still add to your homes décor even when not being lit. Candles come in so many different styles, to suit any home.  Use it as a finishing touch in any room, available to light at any time when needed.


Candles can bring health benefits, producing a sense of calm and relaxation, but also invigorating, depending on the scent you go for. Candles are also known for their properties in stress relief, with their lovely flicker and gentle glow, to help relax and soothe the mind. 


What’s more, the scented candles at Twinings Home Fragrance also come in travel size candle tins – perfect to take with you when you go away.  Enabling you to bring your fragrance of home with you wherever you may be.


Aromatic wax melts offer different benefits to the more traditional candle.  Once you put your wax melts into the wax warmer, they start to slowly heat up and because of the slow heat time, they release the aroma without burning the oils within the wax too quickly.  That means that not only will the scent linger for longer, but every wax melt lasts. 


You don’t get to create the ambience that you would do if you were lighting a candle, however, wax melts are great for long lasting scent, and as with candles can add to the décor of your home.  Wax warmers come in all styles and shapes meaning you can choose the warmer to suit the décor across the different rooms in your home.  Unlike candles, once you have used the wax melts, you just get new refills. 


If you’re feeling adventurous, wax melts can be mixed to create your own unique scent in your home. 


Lime Basil and Mandarin Reed Diffuser

Finally, the reed diffuser! Different again, the reed diffuser doesn’t involve lighting a candle, and no need for hot wax or electricity. This means they can be used anywhere in the home, in any room.  The reeds provided with every product, absorb the fragrance oil slowly over time, gently releasing the fragrance into your home. They are simple and in-expensive and like the candle and wax warmer, they can come in different designs so can work with any décor. 


Whatever the product you use for scenting your home, you can be sure to love the Twinings Home Fragrance Lime, Basil and Mandarin fragrance.  Why not give it a try?  We have a range of products available in this fragrance, so if you want you give it a test run, you can go for a single wick candle and if you love it, which we know you will, you can get something longer lasting.


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