Aroma Diffuser Olly

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Packed full of features, the Olly aroma diffuser can help create perfect inner balance and aid restful sleep through the use of scent, sound and light.

With its Bluetooth speaker, Olly enables you to unwind with your own choice of music or fall asleep to the relaxing sounds of nature. Use with a relaxing fragrance to help revive, restore, calm and soothe the mind and body.  Built in LEDs provides multifunctional colour changing mood lighting which can be set to a specific colour or can be switched off.  Olly can also be set to rotate between the red and orange spectrum which could stimulate melatonin levels in order to help regulate sleep.

Using state of the art technology and cutting edge design, Olly is a modern and effective way to fill your surroundings with humidifying scented mist.

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