FACTORY SECONDS - Gingerbread wax melts

  • £3.20
  • £4.00

At Twinings HQ we are very fussy about the quality of our products.  We expect the very best for our customers but we also like to minimise waste wherever we can.

Our factory seconds are candles and wax melts with slight imperfections such as wonky wicks, frosting, colour variations, uneven surfaces.  The products may also be unlabelled or have slightly damaged packaging.

The product itself will still perform perfectly with the same quality of fragrance and the same burn time.

Our wax melts come in a pack of 6, each wax melt will give at least 10 hours of fragrance.  Simply add 1-2 wax melts to your wax warmer or oil burner to melt gently and enjoy the fragrance.